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Two of the world’s premium sources of income and job creation, the electrical and automation industries, are experiencing phenomenal exponential growth worldwide. Both are indeed billion dollar sectors and the potential for financial gain is vast. As a result, a large number of electrical government tenders, lucrative private projects and numerous automation business leads are constantly advertised throughout the African continent and internationally as well.

Technical, cost effective expertise in the electrical industry is an extremely sought after service.

Incredible opportunities such as these can be found directly through various tender notification websites. Such service providers engage experienced profiling teams and powerful tender matching capabilities that can only take your company to new heights.

Installation, maintenance and repair of air-conditioning units in municipal buildings are common notifications advertised weekly throughout Southern Africa. Solutions to electrical cabling layouts, supply of generators, installation of streetlight infrastructure and design of building electrical structures are services that are always in great demand. With the above mentioned tender notification sites you will experience easy access to the maximum amount of such business leads. Get tenders for the supply of electrical components, screened cables or the installation of power masts. Signal processing and instrumentation proposals are examples of leads consistently advertised through various online mediums on a regular basis.

The automation industry plays an important role in the general economy and has a notable impact on a large number of business sectors. Many organisations advertise, via the tender process, their requirements for automation in the workplace i.e. replacing human operators in tasks that involve strenuous work, replacing humans in tasks within dangerous environments and performing duties beyond human capabilities. With tender notification services you will be able to view and bid on multiple tenders including trade automation functionality in factories for example. The supply of office automation and acquisition of equipment also get advertised rather often. This highly skilled industry is responsible for a large amount of revenue generation across the globe. Maybe it’s time you benefit too.

Profiling, research, account management and day-to-day support are what you can expect from a service provider such as Online Tenders. Such a service will prove to be the cornerstone of any successful electrical or automation business. Invitations from major consortiums such as Transnet, SAA, Telkom and Eskom are easily accessible with Online Tenders. Succinct, daily dispatch ensures timely delivery of all relevant RFQ’s, RFP’s, RFT’s, detailed tender notifications and bids, with no replication. Explore new opportunities with Online Tenders.

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