Getting Started with OnlineTenders

Our goal is to ensure that you receive the maximum number of tender notices and business leads specific to your company’s products and services.

How does work?

Online Tenders provide both suppliers and service providers with the opportunity to view an extensive collection of business tenders from many different industries including the public and private sectors. For a nominal subscription, a registered user acquires access to all of our tenders including the latest current business tenders.

Using our powerful search tool, you can refine your tender search to display all the relevant tenders pertaining to your industry. Once you find a tender that you are interested in, you can click on the tender to view the details of this potential business opportunity.

What tender services do you offer?

Online Tenders is a tender notification service that will help your business to grow. It brings business leads directly to you; business leads that you might otherwise have missed. New opportunities are listed daily from all levels of government and private sector companies throughout Africa. Tenders are dispatched daily to our subscribers to ensure a timely delivery. The tenders are sent via email and as a subscriber, you can access the notifications and other tender information directly from our website.

Can I try out the tender notification service?

Yes you can! In our ‘View Tenders’ section, we let you look at sample tenders, both current and closed. To access the sample tenders section you do not have to be a subscriber and you can check them out for free.

How do I subscribe to tender notifications?

To subscribe, simply click the 'SIGN UP' button, select your subscription package and you can sign up online in 3 easy steps. After we verify your info, we’ll activate your account and you get access to the latest tenders and business leads. You can subscribe online, complete a faxable registration form, or call our consultants directly. Sign Up

Can I unsubscribe or cancel my subscription?

There is no contract period and subscriptions can be cancelled by a fifteen days written notice.

How do I subscribe online to tender alerts?

To subscribe online, select your subscription plan and we’ll get you started in 3 easy steps. First enter your Login, User and Company info, thereafter select categories and keywords matching your business profile and finally you will need to enter your payment details.

As a subscriber you will have access to ALL tenders and business leads posted onto the Online Tenders website.

You will be registered to receive customized daily email alerts for your selected tender categories and keywords matching your profile.

What industries do the tenders cover?

We cover all the major industries in South Africa including but not limited to:

  • Accounting, Banking, Legal
  • Building and Trades
  • Civil
  • Cleaning & Facility Management
  • Consultants
  • Electrical & Automation
  • Engineering Consultants
  • General, property, Auctions
  • HR & Training
  • IT and Telecoms
  • Materials, Supply and Services
  • Media and Marketing
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Mechanical, Plant & Equipment
  • Security, Access, Alarms & Fire
  • Travel, Tourism, Hospitality

If your business sector is not listed above, then please contact us to help you select the correct category to find tenders relevant to your business profile.

How much does the tender alert service cost?

Subscription to the comprehensive Online Tenders business leads service is either by monthly or annual payment and includes profiling, research, account management, daily tender searches, email of tender notices and day-to-day support. For your investment in Online Tenders, you will have access to all the opportunities you need for your business to thrive. Is this really something that you can put a price on? For all of this we ask for less than R27 per day.

Nevertheless here are our prices:

Package Monthly Annual
Tenders South Africa R 790.00 R 9,480.00
Tenders Africa (Including South Africa) R 2,040.00 R 24,480.00

All pricing are in South African Rands (ZAR) and inclusive of VAT @ 15%

Kindly note that our above pricing is applicable to a single user licence. Should you wish to acquire more licences for logins and additional emails, kindly enquire from our sales team on our premium, corporate and enterprise licences available.

What are my payment options?

We have tailored our subscription packages to suit your budget. This allows you to subscribe on a monthly basis or by annual subscription. Payment is received by:

  • Direct deposit i.e. cheque deposit, EFT, cash deposit (fax or email us proof of your deposit)
  • Monthly bank debit order (We will debit your bank account on a monthly basis)
  • Monthly credit card payment (We will debit your credit card account on a monthly basis)

What sources do you get your tenders from?

Online Tenders provides an international coverage of all business tenders published by the local, provincial and national government plus private sector companies. The sources are used to acquire research tenders including: local and national newspapers, government, public and private websites, and direct contact with local and national government bodies and private businesses.

We have research teams located all over Africa that are constantly researching and gathering tender and business leads information. These teams consist of experienced professionals and business analysts.

We are now increasing our database of tenders in South Africa and Africa from public sector entities to private sector companies and our eCommerce Tender portal allows companies to publish a tender/quotation advertisement with the click of a button. This service is constantly growing as more and more companies visit our website and directly submit an advertisement for a project they are planning. This is helpful as they need to look out for professionals pertaining to their products and services.

What are the business benefits of an Online Tenders subscription?

As a registered subscriber, you will enjoy the convenience of a hi-tech online tender notification service where you can get all the latest tenders and business leads delivered daily to your office desk. We realise that you are busy and that you don't have time to search our website. In this case you will only receive tenders relevant to your business via email, which will save you time, money, and valuable resources.

Online Tenders provide you with the confidence of not missing out on any contract opportunities. You are able to target the most promising leads and will receive a steady stream of new business opportunities leading directly to increased work, revenue, and profits.

We’re your way to power!

What about privacy and spam?

We do not sell or give away your private information.
We keep all information on a highly secure server that is protected by the best security software available.
Please read our Privacy Policy for further information.

What are your terms and conditions?

For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.