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The Materials, Supply and Service industries are lifelines to the economical growth of any country. These general sectors contribute more to financial output than any other field of work. The service industry in particular has leveraged global changes positively to emerge as one of the most powerful today.

The materials, supply and service industries are experiencing an influx of new competitors with niche capabilities and the desire to succeed.

Materials and supply supplement this by strengthening the overall economic health of society as a whole. It is predicted that work in these fields will grow by as much as 50% within the next 10 years. Thus, invitations for tender bids from suitably qualified professionals are on the rise. With tender notification sites, businesses can be exposed to numerous such leads on a daily basis.

With the benefit of online tender bulletins you will be a step ahead of them by having access to a large web portal of general trading leads and tender information. Get tenders for the supply of water purification units to schools and hospitals or office furniture to local district municipalities and large private companies such the major banks across the nation. Bulk materials such as brick, stone, cement and sand are all in high demand in the building sector. Transportation/travel and agricultural support services are major invitations on tender websites. Major manufacturing and textile industry tenders come into play as well.

Contracts for the provision of clothing or the procurement of catering services are the types of leads your sales team can be able to bid on. Gardening, locksmiths, maintenance, entertainment, marketing, legal and hiring service leads can all be found upon subscription to tender sites. Supply and delivery of stationery, groceries, cleaning materials, printers, cartridges, beverages and water management services are all top priority tender opportunities. Development and supply of learning materials for schools and techs are also in demand in southern Africa of late. The Materials, supply and Service sectors overlap all industries and hence cover all aspects of business, be it a service or product. Tender notification makes certain that your company benefits from each and every such opportunity.

Subscription to an experienced tender notification provider such as Online Tenders can be completed in an easy 3 step process. Time is valuable and we only deliver information and tenders that you require. Detailed descriptions of each and every tender are made available to all our clients i.e. contract number, site inspection, closing date, contact details, collection, delivery point and qualifying criteria. Such information is made available to us via a number of sources and mediums. These include local and national newspapers, public and private websites, word of mouth leads, notice boards, direct contact and so much more. Discover great new opportunities with Online Tenders!

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