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Getting the ideal business leads for your IT or telecoms business can indeed be challenging. The IT and Telecoms sector is a multi-faceted industry with many potential tenders for the savvy businessman. Opportunities range from the telephonic and mobile sectors to program, network and software creation, administration services and general telecoms. Companies who tender for such services will be required to have an excellent understanding of networking infrastructures, telecoms systems and PC architecture. Hundreds of opportunities in the IT and Telecoms industries exist for such companies and such leads can be easily found on credible tender notification sites fitting such a description.

Projections by leading global consultancies indicate that the telecoms industry will become the largest sector in Africa within the next few decades

By subscribing to such sites your consortium or agency will be able to place bids on the supply and installation of IT systems and equipment for major public and private companies or the provision of real-time hardware and software design. The procurement or maintenance of sophisticated IT and telecoms systems are popular adverts on government bulletins and indeed tender leads sites. The reliance on engineers and specialist consultants within these fields is well documented. Through tender notification you will be able to search leads for skills training, database development, upgrading or replacement of telephone systems, delivery of large scale server equipment, PABX solutions and even higher education LAN/WAN projects. Quotations are constantly invited from suitably qualified service providers for the complete overhaul of IT infrastructures or creative expertise for retail chain companies and franchises.

Industry leaders such as Telkom, SAA, Sentech and Eskom regularly require supply, design, planning and support services for various communication systems. Back-up solutions, password recovery software and printer requirements are sourced daily by local municipalities. Stripping and replacement of old fibre optic and telephone cables is yet another example of a major contract that can be applied for. Rural IT infrastructure is also a key long term government strategy that can benefit your company.

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