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"Online Tenders provides you with the latest business leads, information and tender opportunities. Our website is the premium source of tender notifications and as a valued subscriber you will benefit from daily releases of all bids, quotations, proposals and project information, delivered straight to your inbox. All relevant Building and Trades opportunities throughout the African continent can be found directly via our site. Outsmart the competition with Online Tenders"

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Trade in the building sector is always in high demand. With the initiation of new projects, upgrades, renovations and repairs of building and facilities in both the public sector and the private sector, plenty of business opportunities exist. Professional expertise combined with competitive rates is sought after daily.

Tender adverts seeking registered contractors (SME’s) in the building and trades sector are uploaded daily on our website.

The public sector is a rich source of new business and with the allocation of bigger budgets to new infrastructure, building and trades services are in great demand.

With Online Tenders you will be kept updated of the latest tender adverts and business leads in the building industry.By submitting a competitive bid and winning, you may be able to acquire that lucrative government contract for refurbishment, supply, renovation, or maintenance of multiple municipality buildings. Major rural development tenders for the installation of pre-cast concrete toilet systems are on the increase as well. Such departments consistently require structural engineers, land surveyors and architects to design and build public schools and new government buildings. Plumbers are required on a large scale of late to take on bulk projects in private schools, rural areas and libraries, from fittings to equipment supply.Tenders for the construction of concrete pump-houses, installation of rain-water tanks and provision of termite treatment to counsel buildings can all be located on our website.

Government parastatals such as Transnet, Eskom, SANDF, Post Office, Telkom, SAA and SITA are in demand for skilled services in the building and trades sector.Procure large tenders to provide your skilled services in tiling, plastering, painting, carpentry and roofing. Here at Online Tenders, you will find multiple leads for building services, plumbing expertise, electrical maintenance and quantity surveying.Major scaffolding services including supply, installation, management and certification are yet more examples of the broad range of opportunities that are sought out by government.Our website has numerous such leads readily available in these specific fields. Positive feedback from all our subscribers in the building and trades industries is testament to the outstanding service that Online Tenders provides and we offer you to be part of our service; and experience just as much if not more success. Click here to try it for free!

Online Tenders is a premium source of leads and tender information for individuals and businesses who have subscribed to our website. Our clients are notified daily via email of tenders matching their specific needs and requirements. Our vast database guarantees that all the latest building and trades information,procurement notices, RFQ’s and RFP’s are available to you. Contact us now!

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Irene Khumalo, Changing Tides