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Both private and public sectors have realised the importance and value of business relating to the cleaning and facility management industry. This vital function has taken a strong foothold in thousands of businesses. The scope for work in these fields is increasing and the amount of tenders for cleaning & facility management on our Online Tenders website is proof of this. Daily invitations for competent and experienced professionals are advertised (BEE'S, SMME's).Can you really afford to be without such a service?

Businesses offering pest control services can benefit tremendously with government contracts.

Online Tenders provides a great medium for relevant businesses and individuals to find such opportunities and gaps in the market for such business or alternatively to place their companies details into our online supplier directory in the hope of attaining some business. Many sources are used to attain our tenders such as newspapers, public and private websites and of course government. So register and join our site today and reap the obvious benefits on offer.

The maintenance, care and cleaning of commercial or institutional buildings such as hospitals, hotels, office complexes, arenas, schools, museums and convention centres are in greater demand than ever before. Multiple tenders from large corporations and government departments are constantly placed on our website for such work. At online Tenders you will be able to find bids, quotations and tenders on projects including landscaping maintenance contracts and disposal of hazardous chemical waste substances. Also, health safety, recycling services and hygiene consultants are further examples of popular notices on our site.

Gardening and grass cutting services are also in great demand today. If you are a supplier, don’t forget to check for notices for the provision of bulk cleaning material/supplies. Another tender that is commonly advertised at Online Tenders is pest control services.

We often find quotations invited for the collection, washing, ironing and folding of laundry and repairing of torn linen and delivery thereof at various institutions across specific industries. Contracts for toilet and urinal surface maintenance or general facility equipment supply for major government buildings can both be found our site too.

Gain that lucrative government contract that could set you apart from your competitors! All major companies and industries are covered on our website. Take advantage of our cost effective subscription rates and subscribe today!

Online Tenders provides a great medium for companies and SMME’s to find exciting and profitable opportunities in the cleaning & facility management industries. Try our service for free and you will see just why so many businesses are subscribing to our proven website. A plethora of tender notices, EOIs, RFQs & RFPs in the cleaning & facility management fields can be found right here . . . at Online Tenders!

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