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"Online Tenders is a subscription based service designed with the aim of offering our clients the latest tender news, business opportunities and procurement leads. High industry standards in accordance to transparency, fair policy and excellence are the bench mark at Online Tenders. Gain international expansion and recognition with up-to-date EOIs, RFQs, RFPs and bids within the Media and Marketing (M&M) industries."

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The media and marketing industries are two of the fastest growing sectors in the business world. Its various segments such as digital, television, print, radio and mobile advertising have all contributed significantly to both local and global economies. Numerous research studies, surveys and analysis have all suggested a consistent trend of increased business opportunities within these fields. Tender notification companies help provide your company with such opportunities via a comprehensive database of potential tenders specifically sourced to match your industry.

Most organisations are tasked with the mission of exposing their brands via controlled yet substantial marketing and media expenditure.

With tender notification you will be able to view leads for contracts such as the supply and delivery of medals to Metro police, event management, strategic trade and investment marketing, public relations, government communication strategies and even private sector exhibitions and expos. Notifications for bulk advertising and media relations contracts are advertised on a regular basis. Tenders for the supply of specialised newspaper adverts, billboard design, posters, signage and banners are synonymous with recent tender bulletins.

Media management, tourism strategies and promotional branding along with major public HIV/AIDS and global warming campaigns are the types of contract opportunities available via the online tender portal. The possibilities are virtually endless. Extensive work within municipalities and industrial environments for the graphic design and production management of all marketing collateral and apparel including but not limited to brochures, leaflets & direct mail, can be accessed daily via reputable tender notification service providers. Register your profile on to a tender notification supplier’s database today and see why hundreds of companies have put their faith and trust into such companies.

Online Tenders is the industry leader in tender notification and bid information. Our research team guarantees the most relevant and lucrative tender opportunities available on the African continent. Vital media and marketing information is disseminated, organised and published in a user-friendly, easy-to-use manner on our website. Subscribe today to Online Tenders!

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“OnlineTenders has been very helpful to our company, it has actually made my task very manageable and easy. We no longer have to peruse through daily newspapers. Now with a click of a button, we are able to view tenders and business leads relevant to our field of expertise. In the office when we talk about OnlineTenders we always laugh at how we got to know about it. We will always treasure the day that we subscribed to OnlineTenders.”
Irene Khumalo, Changing Tides