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The Security, Access, Alarms and Fire industries have experienced steady growth over the last few decades. Such sectors have evolved from simple, one-dimensional systems and solutions to fully integrated, intelligent offerings.

Individuals and businesses demand the need for increased security.

The demand for qualified, proven professionals in these fields is on the increase in society as a whole. Both private and public institutions have realised the importance of procuring goods and services from such individuals and businesses. Joining tender notification platforms is the quickest way to view, access and bid on lucrative tenders and projects in these fields, sourced throughout South Africa and surrounds.

Thus, there will always be a market for such work. Source tenders for body guard protection services, cash-in-transit, protective gear or the construction of fences for major government buildings, schools or rural area developments. Armed security guard services are popular as well as huge surveillance system (CCTV) leads and contract opportunities.

Access control entails unique system technologies and the potential for growth within this industry is encouraging. Get leads for large scale boom gate, parking meter and ticketing kiosks at major shopping malls or remunerative private sector tenders. Many upmarket homeowners require products and systems in this field. The possibilities are limitless, particularly within the government security sector.

Alarm systems are a rich source of business and financial reward in the security industry. Tenders for home, car and business alarms are common notifications across various online tender bulletins. Alarm monitoring services for municipalities or the provision of alarm maintenance are in great demand today.

Fire safety is yet another form of viable business in today’s market place. It is in effect a premium source of income for anyone with the proper expertise and know-how. Place bids for the supply of fire and gas detectors, explosives and narcotics detection services, smoke alarm installation, delivery of heavy rescue equipment and tenders for the provision of protective clothing. Numerous adverts are displayed for fire fighter training programmes, aviation fire protection or the need for bulk supply and refill of fire extinguishers.

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