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The recent surge in Medical and Healthcare investment and general expenditure suggests a bright, profitable future for the industry. Healthcare will generate millions of new wage and salary jobs over the next few years as a direct result of increased risk, rapid growth of the population and the consistent demand for hi-tech medical equipment.

Registered professionals and suitable suppliers in conformance to the highest medical standards are the most sought after in the healthcare industry.

Medical tenders in Africa allow healthcare industry providers to bid on highly critical medical equipment and services – ensuring better medical facilities, especially in the case of state-funded hospitals where resources are scarce. The most common type of tenders in the medical field include key equipment tenders such as ECG machines, infusion pumps or similar; or services such as ambulance, staffing and actual medicine itself together with other medical consumables such as bulk bandages, gloves and sutures. Medical staffing is also a continuously developing arena, with a massive demand for highly skilled staff within the healthcare industry. Tender notification services offer business leads such as the procurement of key personnel including qualified nurses, ambulance drivers, first aid specialists, doctors (including highly skilled specialists such as cardiologists, neurosurgeons and oncologists), pharmacists, chemists and other related staff.

Radiologists and pathologists also play a crucial role in the healthcare system, and sourcing such skilled and qualified professionals through a tendering process is essential in ensuring that the standard of healthcare within the country is kept at a consistently high level. Major projects such as repair and maintenance or designing and building of hospitals and rural clinics can be acquired easily via tender sites. The provision of dermatology, paediatric and O.R/E.R equipment are popular notices on these sites. The demand for general healthcare and medical aid consultants is on the rise within the Department of Health as well.

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