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With the increased demand for consultancy services in both the public and private sectors, this particular industry is expected to grow exponentially across Africa over the next decade and beyond. Professionalism, fair service rates and adaptability are key traits that have become sought after in the consultancy industry. This equates to more business for reputable consultancy agencies and this in turn, will lead to improved economical growth for companies in this particular sector.

Your company can acquire contracts for research, monitoring and coordination of a specific government project or rural housing strategies.

Within the South African market, business opportunities for consultancy services exist through private tenders, international tenders, competitive continental bids, tender notifications, ICB’s, tender news, public tenders, commercial tenders and so much more. You can provide vital services for road safety audits for the national road network or consult on government feasibility studies.

Proposals and tender notices are regularly advertised on various tender leads sites for monitoring and evaluation consultants/experts and HIV-AIDS programmes or awareness campaigns. Other aspects such as assessor, moderator and mentor training consultants are in great demand in the public sector as well. As an experienced and qualified consultant you will be able to view tenders that deal with environmental assessment/compliance and even conformance proposal strategies. As a corporate communication consultant, you will be able to get rare and up-to-date tenders in this field.

Such information is sourced through a variety of mediums such as trade journals, newspapers, notice boards, departmental publications and especially the internet. Supply chain and safety consultants are more examples of the types of adverts that can be found on tender sites. Procurement of such tenders and business opportunities has become that much more difficult within the current economic climate. With tender notification sites, your company can be assured that such opportunities are never missed.

Both the private and public sectors have become more reliant on professional consultancy agencies for ensuring sustainable growth. Consultancy services are an important cog in society as a whole and companies such as Online Tenders are your virtual intermediary between your business and the next major contract. Subscribe today and take your consultancy company to the next level with Online Tenders.

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