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The Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries are statistically the largest contributors to local economies and a major creator of jobs. These sectors offer sustainable growth and are the back bone of any country’s financial well-being. International tourism receipts grew to US$ 950 billion in 2013, an increase of 5.1%.

Accommodation, air travel, recreation and catering all form part of the broad spectrum of opportunities available to registered professionals in this field. Acquisition of such opportunities is made that much easier with tender notification services.

Every tourist expects a memorable holiday experience. With tourism figures increasing exponentially in recent times, the reliance on specialised skills and expertise in this sector has multiplied ten-fold. Are you a micro travel/hospitality or leisure enterprise in search of a big break? Subscribing to a tender notice service provider is the solution! Procure major tenders for the rendering of skilled staff for huge airlines such as SAA, the Blue Train or upmarket ocean liners. Place bids on invitations for the provision of airline tickets, culinary skills, hotel accommodation, tour packages, foreign exchange or consulting services for the preparation of a tourism strategic plan. Regular adverts from top executive companies and firms for the design and implementation of tourism capacity building programmes, travel insurance and pre-shipment inspection services, are placed on tender websites. Tenders ranging from travel guides, hospitality marketing, resort management, membership clubs and convention arrangements can all be located via these efficient websites. Catering, time share, development plans and hospitality notifications by major government and even private organisations are discovered daily by skilled research teams who work for these tender leads sites. You will be able to take advantage of such opportunities and gain access to an unlimited amount of RFQs, RFPs, bids, information and leads in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sectors.

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