Tender Notification Service

No one understands the importance of a fair and transparent procurement process better than Online Tenders. As a leader in the South African procurement portal, we could be termed as a watchdog body – with all of our bids listed and monitored to ensure the utmost in transparency during all stages of the process. In addition to this, we offer a tender notification service that is designed to enhance the procurement process for government bids and contracts. All tenders are listed within this service, and all Online tenders subscribers receive email or fax notifications displaying tenders, contracts and bids that fall within their chosen industries or sectors. This ensures that you will never miss out on a potentially massive tender opportunity, and also creates an open platform for fair and transparent dealings.

A tender notification service that is designed to enhance the procurement process for government bids and contracts.

In the past, there have been cases of tenders being awarded without following the constitutionally correct procedure. Cousins, brothers-in-law, friends or other relations to government officials have been awarded tenders; creating a less than transparent process. To ensure that every single business has a chance to win lucrative contracts and tenders, systems such as the tender notification process goes a long way in keeping all tenders above board and open to all. This prevents corruption and fraud, and limits the possibility of nepotism or other underhanded tender practices improving the entire procurement system for all parties involved. This creates fair and equal business opportunities that increase employment in the workforce, gives more SMME’s a chance to bid, levels the playing field and ensures less corruption and fraud.

Our team is based in all regions of Southern Africa. From Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, no tender is too large to deliver or too small to not be considered. All tenders, published from either the local, provincial or national government will be catalogued and then directed to the correct form of business. How is a tender decided on? The business tender that matches your particular company is classified by both region and industry; this doubly ensures that the perfect opportunity will come your way.

The quickest, easiest and most efficient way to find tenders across South Africa is to sign up at Online Tenders for a highly affordable monthly rate, to receive regular updates via email or fax informing you of whenever there are tenders, bids or contracts available. You can easily browse through current tenders on our intuitive website, and target your tenders search by industry, region or sector to ensure that you only receive the most relevant tenders. Find the most profitable and rewarding government tenders and private contracts simply and easily with Online Tenders’ notification service.

“OnlineTenders has been very helpful to our company, it has actually made my task very manageable and easy. We no longer have to peruse through daily newspapers. Now with a click of a button, we are able to view tenders and business leads relevant to our field of expertise. In the office when we talk about OnlineTenders we always laugh at how we got to know about it. We will always treasure the day that we subscribed to OnlineTenders.”
Irene Khumalo, Changing Tides