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Over 600+ New eTenders listed Daily

Every day, the Online Tenders team sources new eTender opportunities across South Africa and lists on average 600 new eTenders daily, with 12,000 open eTenders across a variety of categories:

  • Accounting, Banking, Legal
  • Building and Trades
  • Civil
  • Cleaning & Facility Management
  • Consultants
  • Electrical & Automation
  • Engineering Consultants
  • General, property, Auctions
  • HR & Training
  • IT and Telecoms
  • Materials, Supply and Services
  • Media and Marketing
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Mechanical, Plant & Equipment
  • Security, Access, Alarms & Fire
  • Travel, Tourism, Hospitality

Careful classification and verification

All eTenders are carefully classified into the relevant category to ensure that you find the most relevant information, as easily as possible. All tenders include key information such as Client name, Contract Number, Description, Site Inspection, Closing Date, Contact Details, Document Collection, Delivery Point and Qualifying Criteria.

Additionally, all eTenders are verified with the issuing body to ensure that the tender is open and that the details are accurate. This ensures you don’t waste your time with outdated or inaccurate tenders.

eTenders delivered direct to your inbox

As a Online Tenders subscriber, you will have the latest eTenders for your chosen category delivered to your inbox every day. This means fresh business opportunities direct to you every day.

You can also access the website or mobile app (Android and Apple), which will allow you to scroll through new and existing eTender opportunities in real time.

eTenders Frequently Asked Questions

What are eTenders?

eTenders refer to the electronic tendering systems that incorporate each stage of the tender process, from advertising to placing a contract. All processes are completed online, eliminating the need for paper tenders and manual processes.

Who can use eTenders?

Registered companies with a tax clearance certificate can use eTenders. This includes companies operating in all major industries such as IT, engineering, medicine, tourism and beyond.

Once you’ve signed up to an eTenders portal, you can gain access to a range of eTender opportunities that are suitable for your business.

What does eTendering mean?

eTendering refers to the process of advertising and bidding for tenders using online platforms exclusively. eTendering has completely transformed the procurement process as it allows for improved visibility, compliance and cost-saving.

Overall, eTendering improves the accessibility of tenders to businesses all over the country, simplifying the process.

How is the value of an eTender calculated?

The value of an eTender is calculated by considering the total cost for providing the product or service, as well as the profit margin. eTendering entails public and private sector companies striving to receive the most value for money when accepting a tender bid.

Is there an eTenders portal?

Yes. There are several eTender portals available to businesses across the country. The Department of National Treasury has its very own portal and there are also separate portals for regional government departments.

Nevertheless, OnlineTenders conducts thorough research and lists the eTenders available on all these platforms in one central database.

Where are eTenders advertised?

eTenders are advertised on state and local government websites. Each province has its own official website in which available eTenders can be found. In addition, eTenders are also advertised on various government bulletins.

There is also great value in using external portals such as OnlineTenders, where the full range of available eTenders are advertised in one place.

Which websites list eTenders in South Africa?

eTenders in South Africa are listed on state and local government websites, including various municipality websites and the National Treasury's eTenders Portal. One can also refer to other portals such as OnlineTenders, VotaQuotes and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Platforms such as OnlineTenders make it easy to view a wide range of eTenders available throughout the country.

Are eTenders only available from the government?

No. Tenders are available from both the private and public sector. Government-related eTenders are usually listed on their websites, whereas private sector eTenders are generally accessible by invite only or on restricted access ePortals.

Central databases such as OnlineTenders allow you to view both private and public sector eTenders on one central platform.

How do I procure eTenders?

The eTender procurement process entails searching for relevant opportunities using an eTender portal. From there, you can start bidding for eTenders in both the public and private sector. Please note that applying for an eTender does not automatically mean you have secured it.

The usual tender regulations still apply; however, the entire process conveniently takes place online via the portal.

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