Tender eProcurement/Business Opportunities

What is Online Tenders eProcurement?

For an excellent business tender service, our eProcurement tenders portal is the only application you require for your online marketing needs. eProcurement is an online public and private sector tenders portal that was designed to facilitate the procurement process. Whether you are a purchasing manager, a procurement officer or a general contractor, you can effectively manage the entire eProcurement process by posting and broadcasting your tender opportunities on the Online Tenders website. Your tender invitations will be viewed by registered subscribers and directed to our information services. Online Tenders eProcurement is an extension of your electronic purchasing department.

We provide the tools to make your job easier! Our online tenders will make your business grow as leads are generated and delivered straight to you! This is the ultimate form of profit generation and an excellent opportunity for those who wish to take their business into the lucrative world of online marketing. Our methods are proven and results are dispatched daily to your place of business, through any medium you require, such as fax or email.

Publishing Request for Quotations/Tenders

  • It is an easy process. Just log on to Online Tenders website at any time and then enter your details for the exact request you require (be it for quotation or tenders). Alternatively, you can send us the pertinent information and we will do the legwork for you.
  • As a vendor, you will be automatically notified of the request for a quotation or a tender within 24 hours of the publishing date.
  • This process conforms to your organisation’s purchasing requirements, such as using open or closed invitations, invitations to your vendor list, or choosing to charge for bid documents.
  • It is now possible to manage all of your bids in one place. Both current and historical bids can be viewed.
  • This also ensures a fair, open and transparent procurement process that is compliant with the National Treasury regulations.
  • Choose Online Tenders and create boundless business opportunities for your desired form of work. Nothing could be simpler and we are here to assist you every step of the way.